April 24, 2014

Potatoes are EVERYWHERE. And, they’re good.
They provide us with lots of things that we need, especially energy. But I’m trying to cut them out a bit… which is harder than you’d think, even for a non-snacky person…

So how do I do this?

Firstly, I look at the meals I like – can I do it simply by cutting out the potato? Sometimes, yes and just increase the veg – for example, the other night I roasted some (leanish) belly pork (fat can be good for you remember!) and instead of having potato, I simply added green beans to the red cabbage I’d braised. End result was I was full, I’d had two portions of Veg instead of one, I’d cut the carbs down, and spread my colours, as well as not having milk and butter in my potatoes.

But when you have a dish where potatoes are essential (for example Pan Haggerty) how do you tackle that?? The answer is substitute (and experiment!)

I suppose that I’m fortunate in that I like most things, and will happily try new things, and experimentation is definitely the way forwards! Foods which I’ve found as being good substitutes so far are sweet potato, celeriac, cauliflower, haricot beans, and plenty other things besides, if you’re willing to get a little creative. I’ll probably post some of my creative subs in. And you don’t have to sub fully- you could mix potato and sweet potato for example – or potato and celeriac- especially for mash!

One thing that’s proving invaluable though is Google. Not for searching for ideas, although that’s definitely a time saver when I’m lacking in inclination or creativity… but to compare what I’m thinking of using instead. I suggest you try it – go to Google.co.uk, and type in “compare potato and celeriac”.

You should see a table, with a picture of both vegetables, and a USEFUL comparison chart. If you search for comparison charts then you usually see 150g of one vs 80g of the other, which can be misleading unless you have your maths brain on and do the calculations. So You should see that Celeriac has half the calories, half the carbs, but most of the fibre that potatoes have… try with some others… and let me know any keepers that you experiment with!


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